Brunswick Heads Harbor and Moolay.On occasion huge schools of ocean Mullet, aka; Moolay, (French), will enter the river system and linger for some days. Suddenly, as if by some call from nature, they will all move back to the Ocean.

Brunswick Heads Harbor and the little video OF THE MOOLAY is one of many that I have uploaded to Youtube. Most are just passable, someone will buy me a decent camera one day then watch out. At this point in time I have had 631,000 views, lots of comments, some good some just ordinary, OK you get that.

EXPLANATION; As a non Australian the word ‘MOOLAY’ may be a mystery, basicly it is a tongue in cheek colloquial French sounding expression to enhance the correct term for the lowly, (for some), Sea Mullet. 

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  • Brunswick Heads Harbor has had a long and interesting history.

Far be it for me to describe this safe anchorage so I will include a useful link that will be more edifying;

And a more fruitfull lets say more prawnfull site to visit will be the page for NELLE M the mighty little trawler, in fact the only working boat for prawns and trawled seafood left out of fleet of up to 24 trawlers;

  • However I do have a little story of my own.

Moving from the northern beaches of Sydney, namely AVALON BEACH and beloved Surf Club in 1974, my two little boys and myself set up residence in the old BRUNZ. We did it hard for some time, but we survived.

I bought a large caravan and annex and moved into the Massey Green Caravan Park, comfortable enough for us three. Adjoining the park is the BOAT HARBOR, a good place to fish and for the boys to investigate.

Most mornings  before work and school we would wander down to the boat harbor and try our hand at a spot of fishing, had a bit of luck at times, we would also gather oysters at low tide.

At that time, on most mornings, 10 or more Prawn Trawlers would be moored stern in to the wharf sorting their last ‘shot’ and selling their product to the public. One notable morning Michael and David went for a walk to watch the action and returned with their fishing bucket containing a dozen “Balmain Bugs”, sorry, “Moreton Bay Bugs”, seldom known as Butterfly Fan Lobster.

Boat Harbor Brunswick Heads

Now for the reader and possibly for many people the word Bug may have been a turnoff back then, they were not a well accepted item, in fact, 50cents a kilo was the best price in the Sydney Fish Markets. Incidentally the same applied for ‘Soft Shell Prawns’, times have changed.

“Hey look Dad the man on the boat gave us these Bugs for bait”, when I gained composure I mumbled something like “bait, well Daddy has another plan”, tea was Bugs and chips and peas with seafood sauce, suitably impressed there were many more trips by the little blokes down to the Trawlers to get some more “bait”. 

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