Migaloo 2 Brunswick Heads is a Whale/Conservation Yacht. Her home port is Brunswick Heads near Byron Bay northern NSW, Australia. Her skipper is Dean Jefferys a dedicated conservationist and knowledgeable man of the ocean, look for his FaceBook page; Dean Jefferys (Migaloo 2), have a good read of his achievements and wonderful experiences following the mighty Humpback whales on their annual east coast Australia migration.

For more information follow the address below.


Migaloo 2 Whale Conservation.

And for another bit of video footage featuring the mighty Migaloo 2,   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wjD6a8r12R8

Some whale stuff;


While not for a moment do I want to detract from the mighty MIGALOO 2, there are many other concerned people out there who have the desire to conserve and protect the Whale population Australia and worldwide, my first encounter with Whales was to be abysmal.

WE had moved to Ballina, that is my Mum and Stepfather, in 1954. Having just left school we lived for a short while in this then large coastal town in northern NSW.

Based in Ballina Harbor were two so called Whale harpoon vessels, the Byrond 1 and Byrond 2. They would be the enigma of my younger life, they would harpoon Whales passing by the area bounded by Ballina and Byron Bay.


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