WallPaper, ScreenShots, TeeShirts.

Hello to my new eCommerce page, and I say this with glibness, and no I am not a used car salesman.

I guess there must be millions of aspiring photograsphers, (is that a real word), from all all over the world who would like to think their photo images are unique and original, that folks is my story as well.

In previous blog posts elsewhere I have described johnfarlbrunzphotos as a person of disinterest in the field of photo image capture.

So the heading describes; WallPaper, ScreenShots, TeeShirts Page, what is he on about, what can this mean in legit-able terms, surely my readers must know, doe’s anybody know.

OK, I asked my self a question, how would my photos look on a Tee Shirt, would somebody use them as Screen Savers, how would they come up as Screen Wall paper, well I will attempt to give some examples, find the complete library on this link.



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