On the wing 3.

If you are an Australian bird watcher no doubt you will be familiar with the sprightly and ever active Willie Wagtail.

For a more comprehensive description of this wonderful little bird I have supplied some links to some people with more knowledge than I.



As an explanation to my interest in “willie”, it all begins with my daily ‘wanderings’ around my neighborhood. With camera in hand I will en-devour to capture images of nature, you know, reptiles birds and other stuff.

References to my photographic skills are mentioned elsewhere in this web site, and although I appear to be photo illiterate some of my images are quite passable, “I am not modest just ego motivated”. So enough of me, let “My Willie” photo images do the talking.

Look, no feet.
Very uncommon, genetic maybe, Willie has no feet.

The photo above is totally intriguing. I have observed our little friend ducking and diving for insects and returning to a suitable roost, he / she will squat and wait for another titbit.

All the more fasinating……..Willie has no feet, OK. However, his / her little partner has “intactus appendages”.

Willie on the wing, controlled flight.

So right now our little backyard friend, (and his / her friend,) has had the calls of Spring, they have found a suitable nesting place to raise some more Willie’s. Their little nest is safely located on the spar of a sailing boat in the harbour, both birds will be seen taking turns to keep their tiny eggs warm and secure.

My fisherman friends and I can’t wait to (hopefully) see their babies, but in the mean time life and survival go’s on.

Did you know the Our ‘Fantails’ are fisherman too, and they will swoop on tiny fish, just like Eagles they will pick their tiny silvery prey and fly back to the rocks for protein rich meal. Below is a quick video of our resident Willie catching fish.

Be quick Willie, catch that fish. Willie ‘fishen

In relation to the above, (Willie fishen’), I can find no reference to our little bird supplementing their diet by catching fish, also this fishing friend has been sighted by other observers who reside on the Harbour, you may be looking at a photographic first.


Always wanted an absolute water frontage, never happened, however I have feathered friends who are fortunate to do so.

My friends have settled into very pleasant surroundings in our boat harbour, and as a plus Willie and their neighbors have an excellent relationship. In the immediate vicinity are nesting WOOD SWALLOWS, MUDLARK PEEWEE’S, SWALLOWS and KINGFISHERS. these images are scratchy photos of their ‘lodgings’.

Mr. and Mrs. Willie Wagtail Waterfront home.
Mr. and Mrs. Dusky Wood Swallow’s high rise.
Mr. and Mrs Mudlarks, (Pee Wee) home.

More news will follow as our little family progresses, regards, john f.

FRESH NEWS: Our Willies are taking their time hatching their new family, seems it is taking more than the ‘allotted’ time, I guess.

Breaking news; Willies have hatched, seeemed like an eternity. I have a problem getting some sort of a view of the ‘chicks’, working on it.

Sitting and waiting.
Finally, babies have arrived.
Willie Wagtail on the wing.


Latest post from FaceBook, little blokes are getting along well, best wishes.

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