Sitting out on the breakwalls, watching the pounding relentless ocean, meeting all the ‘Village folk’, this has been my brain explosion. Time flies, ‘gotta get home and write some thoughts down, now what was the question?

I remember, poetry, rhyming prose, write a poem about the breakwalls that’s what. With that in mind this is the dubious result; THE ROCKY BOARDWALK SOUTH.

It’s not unusual; there are places where people are just drawn. Every Town, every city, every country has one. Best not be too descriptive, you will all know of your own special place, remember Moon Bay?

This little rhyming poem is Australiana, it is written in “Bushy” vernacular. If I were educated you would describe it as “LINGUA FRANCA”, or LINGUA AUSTRALIS.

Did I repeat myself, I suspect I did, must be old timer’s syndrome, however the next poems and crappy anecdotes will revolve around my hundreds of hours spent along the south breakwall at Brunswick Heads. A place to meet and greet, I have met dozens of folk, taken hours of video, hundreds of photos. And yes I have traversed between the ‘Walls’ and crossed the river mouth on hundreds of occasions.

Did I tell you I was a licenced fisherman, and that I skippered the Marine Rescue offshore vessel? Suppose you must be thinking that your author is 105. So here are a coupla’ more crappy poems and rhyming verse.





© John d. Farley, AKA; johnfarlsbrunz, wanna GOOGLE that.


Collect my thoughts, block out my entire stigma, block out all we give to this very odd enigma.

Only a citadel, rocks and dirt it’s built, it protects us from encroaching ocean.

But if you need some inner peace, solitude, walk the talk, the wall; it’s got the potion.

The talk, that’s the thing we need, mostly need in daily life.

Brunz South wall is the place for peace and peace of mind, and it helps you with your inner strife.


The talk, all inner emotions, your troubled head will be explained, and so.


Go there stay a while; Venture, shed a tear I do often go.

For many reasons, for many people the break wall. Watch the ocean ebb and flow.

On any day I will ride my bike, camera is my extension, mostly calm but when I’m not it’s the place to off load all my tension

This rocky promontory, annex of our being will suddenly evolve into a village, puzzled, I will wager this.

Then take a stroll meet some folk, nod your head, and a smile won’t go amiss.


Many days I’ve spent along this rocky boardwalk Brunz, people visit from all over to join the little village.

Village? How is this so, now I must explain my wisdom, giving a reason well.

There’s no village square, no church, no shops, and there is no wishing well.

Well, do we need the accouterments’, only people will fill the need, any day there are these people, any race or creed.


Have met you Mohammed, not the real bloke I hesitate to say.

No, it’s our little Malaysian fisherman, he’ll be there on any day.

He loves a chat Mohammed does, and he has many words of sense.

Doesn’t care who he addresses; everyone, and he don’t sit on the fence.


His god will be your god, because nature is his yearning.

Take what you need, feed your kin and friends, his wisdom will get your mind aware, your intellect will start churning.


This wise man on the wall is one of many daily folk.

Just like me he’s not important, he’s just an ordinary bloke.

There’s Debbie, Wayno’ Kevie and a multitude of village faces.

They don’t think they mean much in this beautiful of places.


This rocky village square will have its share of sorrow, it’s based on life will be.

Village people live and die here, the sorrow and pain… the loved ones, given to the sea.

When you visit our rocky village, some won’t know it exists in time.

Spare a thought that ere you are, this place is yours and mine.


Come, enjoy seclusion, look out for the villagers, and please take time to think.

You and the rocky villagers will be new friends in a blink.


Nod your head and raise your hand, and if your eyes can shimmer, smile a bit start up a chat and you’ll be on a winner.

Look for a bloke on an old black bike, he’s got a huge compulsion, you smile at him, give a nod; he’ll be over you like emulsion.

Brunswick Heads, the rocky boardwalk south, there is a village square.

Only friendly people are welcome to come to visit, but that’s not really fair.

We respect your station, respect your space, come and visit, And that folks, from all of us… this is our rocky dare.


©John d Farley 2008.

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