On this post you will find quick reference to my favorite places. You know just showing my ego and embellishing what I have (tried) to accomplish.

So to the chase and a place where you can see what an old bloke has been up to in the world. And then you can have a rest.

Without doubt one should consider, or least keep abreast of  trending stuff that occurs with YouTube. I have uploaded 70 odd crappy videos to this site, currently 632,000 views.

  • Here is my site;


Rubber Ducky Huge Wave

  • And some video links;



  • And then we have Twitter;


  • I have been a busy boy, check out my GOOGLE site;

Main Beach Brunz


  • Here is a big one, Amazon, I have a couple of books gathering dust here.

https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B01MYPZ6J9                  https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B01N1SIUPO

  • Just another attempt at attracting recognition, my book about personal stuff;


  • This is the site of my friends from the ‘BAY WARRIOR’,BRUNSWICK HEADS, like Whales like Scuba Diving, have a look.


Been waiting for a while