Marine Rescue Brunswick Heads, my favorite bunch of people, that is except for the STATE EMERGENCY SERVICE. I say this with anthology and propinquity, OK, with love, respect and experience with the above Volunteer Services, 44 years as a Volunteer in Emergency Service gives me an edge. This video will suffice to demonstrate a snippet of the work these dedicated people perform, all for the benefit of the citizens. And not wishing to denigrate the actions of the unfortunate skipper of the stricken vessel, (stuff happens), he was the main actor in this little saga.

Any of you ‘Boaties’ who may stumble on this website will understand the inherent dangers of Bar Crossings associated with river entrances, make a judgement decision, wear your life jackets, check out the local conditions, water sucks. I have crossed the Brunswick Heads bar mouth to many times to take the crossing for granted.







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