Author: John D Farley

Little Baby Cherry, lost.

LITTLE BABY CHERRY LOST. In 2000 a little 6-year girl went “walkabout” from the yard of her home near Broken Head Northern NSW. She wandered off with her pet dog. Her mother had been in constant voice contact. The terrain behind her home was dense bush leading into heavy coastal forest. About 4/5 kilometers east was the Broken Head Caravan Park, a small hamlet near the ocean. The time was late afternoon; conditions were calm and cloudless, then. Little Cherry did not answer her mother’s call. Her mum began calling her from the backyard, Cherry had disappeared. Her pet...

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Cinemagraphs and animated photos. WATCH THE FLY ON THE ROCK, QUIRKY WHAT With my Nokia Lumia 1320 came the cinemagraph feature, a flow on from the Nokia camera App. At first I did not have a clue what the inspiration behind the innovation was all about, however with a great deal of patience and Google searches some semblance of understanding entered my feeble head. #cinemagraphs require much patience and time to set up AND you must have very stable camera platform. For the time being I will provide some of my attempts in this new Post, so this “A...

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STOP AND SMELL THE FLOWERS. Smell the flowers, and excuse my glib remark, why would you do not. Years ago a young bloke named Jerry Reed gave us a song entitled “Smell the flowers”. He was and still is my favorite ballard, country, country rock artist. For a bit of a rough nut and a ‘Good Old Boy’ Jerry sang some wonderfully sensitive ballad songs about his place of ‘liven. Not only that he has the best picking fingers around. Cannot ever hope to follow in his footsteps, but I sure can follow his lyrics and smell the flowers....

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PHOTOS FOR A DOLLAR, WHAT CAN I SAY, A DOLLAR, maybe go a bit more. Now I am no nut, warped in the head maybe, onset of “Old Timers Ailment”, possibly, but I do have some pleasant photo images in my vast collection, no doubt you will be the final judge, and your amuter photographer will cop that. In a previous post on this site I would describe my camera gear, spartan to say the least, but it has been a labor of love and has given me hours of relationship with the wonderful scenery that abounds in my...

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