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PHOTOS FOR A DOLLAR, WHAT CAN I SAY, A DOLLAR, NO I WILL DO BETTER THAN THAT. Now I am no nut, warped in the head maybe, onset of “Old Timers Ailment”, possibly, but I do have some pleasant photo images in my vast collection, no doubt you will be the final judge, and your amuter photographer will cop that. In a previous post on this site I would describe my camera gear, spartan to say the least, but it has been a labor of love and has given me hours of relationship with the wonderful scenery that abounds...

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ME VOLLEYS, FROM THE CITY TO THE BUSH, ME VOLLEYS AND ME. No doubt the glib heading may arise thoughts of cultural cringe in some quarters, although most Australians and many people from overseas will have come in contact with the great Australian sandshoe. On a personal note I have worn out MORE pairs of VOLLEYS than most people, they have served me well. So read on avid reader. AUSTRALIA’S HIDDEN SOCIETY, “THE VOLLEY” VOLLEYS AND ME;  for that matter any self-respecting ‘Aussie’. Many people have tried to describe the all-encompassing status symbol; I make reference to this “lifestyle” in my...

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MY BOOK OF PICTURES. My Book of Pictures will suffice to give you guys some idea of the image quality captured by your author. They are all 800×600 pixels, they are not high resolution, however you could “lift” them I suppose to get some idea of what you want, feel free. HOWEVER, MY BOOK OF PICTURES, I WILL GIVE YOU A LINK. I have shared an album from GOOGLE PHOTO IMAGES, here you will see a variety of surfing images fell free to download and check out the quality, although they of a small size I have hundreds more...

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THE DUNNY AND THE CHOKO VINE. A little bit risque this poem, but the dunny and the choko vine are/was inseparable in many or if not all of the Terrace houses all over the world. We lived at Grandma’s Terrace on and off for many years, where was the Dunny, that’s right, down the back yard covered by the Choko Vine. AUSTRALIA DAY, THE DUNNY AND THE CHOKO VINE. This piece of Australiana has been flogged to death, so handle it folks.  112 Palmer Street, WOOLLOOMOOLOO, AINT THERE NOW. About 1945 / 59, we lived on and off, it was...

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MOVIES AND PHOTO IMAGES FROM BRUNZ. MOVIES AND PHOTO IMAGES FROM BRUNZ. BRUNZ or BRUNS is an abbreviation for BRUNSWICK HEADS, THERE THAT’S CLEARED UP. In this little production I have included Boats and Surfing and photo images from (one) of my favorite places. Situated not far from Byron Bay Northern N.S.W. Australia Brunswick Heads has become a must ‘come and visit’ tourist destination. On any day you can wander around the little Village and have a coffee at any one of 16 Al Fresco’s. There are numerous small shops, a Post office, Centrelink, and importantly a PUB, (Brunswick Heads Hotel). incidentally owned by the wonderful “Crocodile Dundee” people. I worked at Brunz Pub for a number of years, met some great people, particularly during the woodchopping carnival.   There are Caravan Parks and Motels, but you better book early. While on weekends and during the music festivals and holiday season, boy, bring your own parking space, but that’s progress.  I have hesitation in trying to emulate many writers who gone before me, a person who has lived in a place for as long as I, well the history sort of rubs of. Link if you like to ; And while you are surfing Brunswick Heads and surrounding areas, have a look at Byron and Brunswick Heads events I have offered several links to enter into our little region,...

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