Cinemagraphs and animated photos.


rockfly cinemagraph

With my Nokia Lumia 1320 came the cinemagraph feature, a flow on from the Nokia camera App.

At first I did not have a clue what the inspiration behind the innovation was all about, however with a great deal of patience and Google searches some semblance of understanding entered my feeble head.

#cinemagraphs require much patience and time to set up AND you must have very stable camera platform. For the time being I will provide some of my attempts in this new Post, so this “A WORK IN PROGRESS” venture.

The following photo was taken on a bright sunny day at #BrunswickHeads where I reside.

Cinemagraph, waves at Brunswick Heads NSW.

beach cinemagraph

The cinemagraph featured above would maybe not be described as a true art form, possibly too much animation.

However it was done in a rush to try out the photographic software on my #Nokia #Lumia cell phone, the full understanding of which I have not mastered yet. If any of you out there in Cyber Space would to offer this old dude some advice feel free to send me your thoughts.

So I have been busy, frustrated, unable to cope, the red wine has depleted alarmingly, but finally #Giphy comes along and it all seems to make sense, maybe. I made a collection of #Cinemagraphs, #Giphy and Nokia helped out.

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