A Politician, me, it will not happen. Want to know why, well keep watching.

Well it has taken me some time to come up with an answer. Not from any uncertainty, mind, just could not bring myself to dwell on such an enigmatic subject.

No, I have not been approached to run for a a seat, been told “you should stand for Parliament”, had any aspirations of grandeur nor given thought to astronomical sums of money.

You have all heard the comments uttered in general conversations, hey, just about every conversation with your peers invariably ends with discussions with sex, football or politics or variations on these subjects.

It seems all your friends are able to discourse on these subjects, but what would they know, make it clear that I am knowledgeable in many subjects but a master of none.

Then again most of my friends will display, in conversation, a remarkable gift for varying degrees of philosophical understanding for many subjects. Many people have amazing powers of recall, have a ground base of data and fact’s and figures, I hate that.

Incidentally my attempt to compile this blog post begun Nov 4 2017 @17:22, that’s what my editor say’s.

This blog will exemplify several reasons why I will not aspire to become a Politician, I was preparing to compile a thought bubble.

And then it happened, we are in Australia right, and then we suddenly have a new Prime Minister right, is that unusual, no it’s not, and anybody following my ruminations will know what I am eluding to, and the fact that we have a new Prime Minister will be be my endpoint in this diatribe, so I am stimulated to press on.

August 29/2018.

And today it happened, I meet a politician, not for the first time I must add, we are celebrating an opening ceremony for a much needed extension to our Emergency HQ’s, we discoursed for some time, albeit from the opposite paddock, and I was impressed with the persons ordinary every day demeanor. Politician are really just mainstream individuals, they are every day people, however they are highly motivated and have an creditable grasp of the Political idiom.

So where do I stand in the scheme of things, how is this, I am a Democratic Right Wing Socialist born to be poor and never had a chance to succeed in every day life. I believe in the aspiration for every person to have equal rights, to have equal wealth, but importantly you have work for it.

Wait for it;

My inspiration for my concept of “A POLITICIAN, I WILL NOT BE” has taken a different slant, you will soon be dripping wet with the ultimately ‘cringe’ of a Poem from just an ordinary bloke.




Nothing will be certian if a life you are a’flirten takes you down the journey of the ‘Pollie path.

Can’t believe what motivates…….(more tomorrow, or whenever)





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