Month: July 2017


RHYMING PROSE, GETTING BETTER AT IT. So, I had never attempted to pen a poem, recite a poem, except for the bawdy boyhood renditions, negative thoughts about poetry abounded in my paltry brain. And then a rush of motivation entered my Psyche. In my line of work we sometimes are encountered by tragic incidents One did, a personal friend lost her life needlessly during a major flood incident. My brain trembled, and so here comes more official reports and debriefs, offers of counselling together with secret mental mementos that are part of the “contract”.   Out of left field...

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THE ROCKY BOARDWALK SOUTH. Sitting out on the breakwalls, watching the pounding relentless ocean, meeting all the ‘Village folk’, this has been my brain explosion. Time flies, ‘gotta get home and write some thoughts down, now what was the question? I remember, poetry, rhyming prose, write a poem about the breakwalls that’s what. With that in mind this is the dubious result; THE ROCKY BOARDWALK SOUTH. It’s not unusual; there are places where people are just drawn. Every Town, every city, every country has one. Best not be too descriptive, you will all know of your own special place,...

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A POET, GIVE ME A BREAK, COULDN’T EVEN RECITE HUMPTY DUMPTY. And so folks, just to set the mood, I have included a little ‘cogitation’. I will add more as time progresses also adding a link to my book of rhyming prose, hope you get the gist of my story.   MY AUSTRALIAN “BUSHY” POEMS.   ARAGUNNU BLOKES HAVE I STUFFED UP? HAVE I BROKEN THE SPELL?  The greater Araguunu Aboriginal tribe, The Ngarigo, the Bogan people, the original people, they are still there. Let me share with you my misty visions of that little boy above. I sincerely believe my young...

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Spell Checker here comes a budding writer, why do I say this…….WELL; A few years back my boys said to me;”Hey Dad what did you do before we came along”. Well now where do I start. Is there a beginning, when I begun to evaluate my life, well it was just ordinary, so anyway a book was the end result, I repeat; Just ordinary. So I wrote and thought, then I would write again, soon you will see the results. But wait you can get to see some...

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So this is the front cover and back of my Book, “From the City to the Bush’, you will know this by the glib look on one Boofheads face. I have this monumental work of writing on an eBook marketing site, regrettably not many people are interested in an old blokes life, ah well ‘comme ci comme ca’ I am  having some work done to enhance the presentation, I mean it can’t be content surely. Basically the book is an autobiography of an ordinary citizen of the world, concisely Brunswick Heads, Australia. I am just a knock about person, reasonable health, no wealth, but a wealth of stuff in my feeble head that I wanted to impart and pass on to anybody that wants to look and read. A notable selection from my book, FROM THE CITY TO THE BUSH, may alarm some people, you see back then all the mates and girlfriends were aloof from all this crap going on to-day. RACIAL INJUSTICE, WOGS AND CHINKS, ETHNICS AND REFFOS, PISSOFF WORLD. I maintain the above comments made about “Racial Terms” came from sports participation and nowhere better place to start than my City Schools; an example will be the team game of rugby league. Sometimes when the ethnics allowed me I played “hooker”, please forgive memory loss, George was prop and Greek, Nick was prop he was Greek, Sergio was Lebanese and resided in the second row...

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