Month: August 2017


My Book of Pictures will suffice to give you guys some idea of the image quality captured by your author. They are all 800×600 pixels, they are not high resolution, however you could “lift” them I suppose to get some idea of what you want, feel free. HOWEVER, MY BOOK OF PICTURES, I WILL GIVE YOU A LINK. I have shared an album from GOOGLE PHOTO IMAGES, here you will see a variety of surfing images fell free to download and check out the quality, although they of a small size I have hundreds more of much better quality....

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THE DUNNY AND THE CHOKO VINE. A little bit risque this poem, but the dunny and the choko vine are/was inseparable in many or if not all of the Terrace houses all over the world. We lived at Grandma’s Terrace on and off for many years, where was the Dunny, that’s right, down the back yard covered by the Choko Vine. AUSTRALIA DAY, THE DUNNY AND THE CHOKO VINE. This piece of Australiana has been flogged to death, so handle it folks.  112 Palmer Street, WOOLLOOMOOLOO, AINT THERE NOW. About 1945 / 59, we lived on and off, it was Grand Ma’s house, a Residential, a Terrace House, a Tenement actually. And you guessed it; it had the ‘classic little room’ right down the back yard, complete with the daily newspaper, end of story. It was resplendently covered with a shroud of CHOKO VINE, laden with fruit, the clean skin variety. I have often cogitated why they grow so profuse in the vicinity of the DUNNY, PERHAPS IT IS THE ESTERS OF OZONE, and MIXED WITH OTHER GROWTH ODORS.   CHOKOS’ are described as being a vine vegetable, I will dispute this assumption, I WILL SUGGEST THAT this plant is AC / DC, it can be ambidextrous, alternative, it can be a fruit or a vegetable, I describe it as a VEGAPPLE. AND, I will prove my theory by handing...

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Breaking news; SHOP PAGE IS AVAILABLE TO PERUSE, THAT’S LIKE “HAVE A STICKY” MOVIES AND PHOTO IMAGES FROM BRUNZ. MOVIES AND PHOTO IMAGES FROM BRUNZ. BRUNZ or BRUNS is an abbreviation for BRUNSWICK HEADS, THERE THAT’S CLEARED UP. In this little production I have included Boats and Surfing and photo images from (one) of my favorite places. Situated not far from Byron Bay Northern N.S.W. Australia Brunswick Heads has become a must ‘come and visit’ tourist destination. On any day you can wander around the little Village and have a coffee at any one of 16 Al Fresco’s. There...

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MARINE RESCUE BRUNSWICK HEADS. Marine Rescue Brunswick Heads, my favorite bunch of people, that is except for the STATE EMERGENCY SERVICE. I say this with anthology and propinquity, OK, with love, respect and experience with the above Volunteer Services, 44 years as a Volunteer in Emergency Service gives me an edge. This video will suffice to demonstrate a snippet of the work these dedicated people perform, all for the benefit of the citizens. And not wishing to denigrate the actions of the unfortunate skipper of the stricken vessel, (stuff happens), he was the main actor in this little saga. Any of...

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MY FAVORITE LINKS MY FAVORITE LINKS. On this post you will find quick reference to my favorite places. You know just showing my ego and embellishing what I have (tried) to accomplish. So to the chase and a place where you can see what an old bloke has been up to in the world. And then you can have a rest. Without doubt one should consider, or least keep abreast of  trending stuff that occurs with YouTube. I have uploaded 70 odd crappy videos to this site, currently 692,000 views. Here is my site; And some video links;...

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