Breaking news: If you try this link, (hopefully) you will be taken to MY BOOKS for a preview of, “MY BOOK OF PICTURES, PHOTO ALBUM”, REGARDS JOHN F………..

To all my readers:

Terribly sorry for all the confusion regarding the “MY BOOK OF PICTURES”, I have withdrawn the current edition due to quality issues as directed by Google, I am currently working on another version.

My Book of Pictures will suffice to give you guys some idea of the image quality captured by your author. They are all 800×600 pixels, they are not high resolution, however you could “lift” them I suppose to get some idea of what you want, feel free.


I have shared an album from GOOGLE PHOTO IMAGES, here you will see a variety of surfing images fell free to download and check out the quality, although they of a small size I have hundreds more of much better quality.

Anyhow I suppose an explanation on how I became interested in photography will be same for every ‘snapper’, for that is a good descriptor for your author.

It’s a compulsion really, you point the camera at anything that’s stationery, anything that moves, looks like moving and then when you click the button the moment has passed, oh ‘damn got’ missed the money shot again. And then I mutter to myself, “well there will be next time, yeah like der.”

Possibly the most less equipped photographer in town, my first camera was a ‘matchbox’ beauty called the RICOH CAPLIO R4, and it served with distinction but with limited quality. It gave up the ghost largely due to salt spray. See picture.

My Camera Gear

I upgraded to the FUJIFILM FinePix S1800 and snapped hundreds of images and basic video footage, lost the confounded thing moving house just recently. So my photographic career has a less than glamourous history. currently all I have to capture photos and video is my Nokia 1320 Windows phone.

Currently I am waiting for a new toy to arrive in the mail, eBAY have informed me that the item is in transit. A monocular is what it is, a single telescope with adaptor fittings for my cell phone, I will keep you posted upon it’s arrival, but if you see it floating in the surf, don’t worry, back to plan “B”.

With all that riveting information on board I managed to obtain a collection of images and set about compiling a little photo book. Entitled “MY BOOK OF PICTURES”, there is some passable scenery shots to look at.

I have included some content;

BoofHead In drag

My Golf Club

Some birds

And folks for more pictures see the above link

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