Whales from Brunswick Heads.

Brunswick Heads, northern NSW Australia, the annual Humpback Whale migration is in progress. Some 10,000 whales will cruise past ‘Brunz’ again this winter, they will travel far up the east coast of Australia where the majority of mother whales will give birth. They will then travel all the way back to Antarctica early October. Hoping to have more video before then.


That is the link to BLUE BAY DIVERS BYRON BAY AND BRUNSWICK HEADS, come to BRUNZ and meet Rod and Katrina and Mark and get out there on the BAY WARRIOR and see some Whales.

The Bay Warrior

Regrettably my words will not serve to describe an incredible feat of endurance in the world of nature. The Humpback Whales and other species of these huge mammals are on a mission during the early winter months of winter in Australia. We are very fortunate to have an active people who love these meandering creatures, the above link is a good start.

In another post, Migaloo 2 The Whale Conservation Boat, will give a lot more information, if you are in Brunz get to meet dedicated people.



The video productions that follow are about my favorite people:

This following clip is about a lone Dolphin venturing upstream into the Brunswick River. Possibly getting a bit daring a mother and her small child wad out to join our Dolphin. The comment about the missing video clip will be evident.

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