The famous RUBBER DUCKY.

In 1969 the fondly named “Rubber Ducky”, some call it the ‘Giddy Boat’ was developed and implemented into Australian Surf Life Saving by a stalwart member of Avalon Beach SLSC.

Warren Mitchell, and ably assisted by Johnnie Fuller experimented and put into action a brain bubble born from the head of Warren “Fang” Mitchell OAM.

Several prototypes were to be their go, the aim was to provide a reliable speedy platform for inshore rescue duties.

People like myself would be their test pilots. The I.R.B., (Inflatable Rescue Boat) aka, Inshore Rescue Boat, will go on to rescue and save the lives of countless Citizens. Useful links to Avalon Beach Surf Club, where for 18 years I was member and loved it.

If you have had a look at (our/history) above there will be no need to elaborate with my words, so I have included some action shots from video action featuring Brunswick Heads Surf Club Ducky

Also included is brief but exciting footage of the our Marine Rescue boat. And not wishing to take up bragging rights yours truly was a Skipper and Training officer for Marine Rescue, Surf Lifesaving and the State Emergency Service organisations.








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