Smell the flowers, while the roses bloom. The opening lines to the chorus from a song sung by Jerry Reed, ‘A GOOD ‘OL BOY.

From that statement you will glean that my product description will be flower photos. Mainly, if not all from my place of residence, Brunswick Heads Australia, hope you enjoy.

Just alittle link to a YouTube video, play it on a big screen, some (cookies), some chardonnay, and ramp up the audio.

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I must describe my image frame capture mediums, (another name for a camera).

My first camera was a RICOH Caplio R3 model, sometimes described as a ‘matchbox toy’, however it served me well and it did take take quite presentable frames and video footage.

The images were (Approx), 2592 × 1944 in dimension, 2Mb file size, 72 dpi. Hundreds of photos were taken from various

My Camera Gear, FUJIFILM and RICOH, my photos images for sale

locations around Brunswick Heads, including the south breakwall, this proved to be it’s downfall, salt moisture plays havoc with little electronic stuff.

The photo you see contains my faithful  RICOH Caplio R3, albeit in many pieces, the FUJIFILM S1800 was to be it’s notable replacement.

So now we have stepped up a notch, FUJIFILM FINEPIX S1800 took hundreds and hundreds of images and dozens of hours of video.

It too travelled around Brunz and to many other places as well before I started to learn about technical stuff, and I still know zilch, I would just snap anything that moved or rather just existed in space and time.

Well now, the quality will be shown to improve, the FINEPIX S1800 images will be (approx), 4000 × 3000 pixels, 72dpi, up to 6Mb file size.

AGAIN YOU MUST UNDERSTAND THAT I AM NOT A CON-MAN, you will see that I have some quite acceptable photos of scenery, flowers, and birds and various subjects. The quality could be better. you as the prospective purchaser will chose as you wish.

With deep sorrow my FUJIFILM S1800 got misplaced, lost, tossed out with the rubbish, whatever. And so again we progress with photography.

I know, another FUJIFILM, this time a FINEPIX S5700, 10 optical zoom, photo specs; 3072 × 2304, 72 dpi, 3Mb. I did not do my homework.

Finally the medium millions of people use today, the cell phone. You will see images taken with the NOKIA Lumia 1320, up to 4000 × 3000, 5Mb, 72 dpi.



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