Author: John D Farley


MY FAVORITE LINKS MY FAVORITE LINKS. On this post you will find quick reference to my favorite places. You know just showing my ego and embellishing what I have (tried) to accomplish. So to the chase and a place where you can see what an old bloke has been up to in the world. And then you can have a rest. Without doubt one should consider, or least keep abreast of  trending stuff that occurs with YouTube. I have uploaded 70 odd crappy videos to this site, currently 692,000 views. Here is my site; And some video links;...

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YOU WANT FREE PHOTOS, THERE WILL BE A CATCH. THIS POST AND ITS CONTENTS WILL ONLY BE AROUND FOR A SHORT TIME SO HAVE A LOOK . You want free photos he must be mad. Just a thought you must understand. My photos were for sale, regrettably the quality must have been not what people wanted, result: Zilch sales, you get that. So boofhead, that’s me, has decided to trial a novel system of getting my images out there, he thinks. I must make the point that many many of my photo images are up there, I have captured some...

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BRUNSWICK HEADS HARBOR, SAFETY FOR FISHING VESSELS AND PRIVATE CRAFT. Brunswick Heads Harbor and Moolay.On occasion huge schools of ocean Mullet, aka; Moolay, (French), will enter the river system and linger for some days. Suddenly, as if by some call from nature, they will all move back to the Ocean. Brunswick Heads Harbor and the little video OF THE MOOLAY is one of many that I have uploaded to Youtube. Most are just passable, someone will buy me a decent camera one day then watch out. At this point in time I have had 631,000 views, lots of comments,...

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RHYMING PROSE, GETTING BETTER AT IT. So, I had never attempted to pen a poem, recite a poem, except for the bawdy boyhood renditions, negative thoughts about poetry abounded in my paltry brain. And then a rush of motivation entered my Psyche.In my line of work we sometimes are encountered by tragic incidents, one did, my brain trembled, and so here comes more official reports and debriefs, offers of counselling together with secret mental mementos that are part of the “contract”.   Out of left field came the impetus to record my thoughts and engage in a type of...

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THE ROCKY BOARDWALK SOUTH. Sitting out on the breakwalls, watching the pounding relentless ocean, meeting all the ‘Village folk’, this has been my brain explosion. Time flies, ‘gotta get home and write some thoughts down, now what was the question? I remember, poetry, rhyming prose, write a poem about the breakwalls that’s what. With that in mind this is the dubious result; THE ROCKY BOARDWALK SOUTH. It’s not unusual; there are places where people are just drawn. Every Town, every city, every country has one. Best not be too descriptive, you will all know of your own special place,...

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